Blackstone Valley - A Cold Execution

Henry Harrison Young was a notable officer in the Union army. He served as the commander of a group of scouts who infiltrated confederate ranks, gathered intelligence, and captured enemy officers. While Major Young inspired his men with his charisma, bravery, and expertise in military tactics, he also frightened them with his cold mercilessness.

One night on a routine scouting mission, Young and his men unknowingly captured a notorious enemy guerilla band leader. Eventually, the prisoner's identity emerged, and Young immediately executed the man with nary a word.

I learned about Henry Young and the other 'Jesse Scouts' here:

About the project:

I'm using this subject to push my Blender skills. The goal is to create fully realized 3D renders without any photoshop work. Just through building this scene, I've learned more about rigging, hair generation, clothing simulation, texture painting, general scene management, and more, which has been quite valuable.

I'll post more 'making-of' material shortly if people are interested.