Otto's Office - Lighting Variations

Personal work.

My idea of a fun time is building a virtual film set and pretending to be a cinematographer. There are limitless possibilities, even for a location as mundane as Otto's office. In fact, I think the understatedness of the subject matter emphasizes how much you can affect mood with only lighting choices.

Software used:
-Marvelous Designer for the base clothing meshes (I always sculpt over them afterward in Blender)
-Photoshop for texture work and final lighting refinements
-Blender for everything else. I made it all from scratch--no pre-made assets--except for his hands! I can't be bothered to model and texture hands myself--these are from a Daz model. I used the Facebuilder add-on to construct the base mesh for his head but created the face texture map in Photoshop. Rendered with E-Cycles.