Lighting Otto's Office: How to think like a cinematographer when lighting in Blender

--Includes .Blend file for the demo scene--

In this video series, I walk you through six lighting setups for an interior office environment, looking at individual light placement and describing the intention behind each decision. The series begins with a quick survey of the Blender lights that will be used throughout the setups.

This is not a technical deep dive into lighting or rendering but rather a brief overview of the creative decisions involved in lighting like a cinematographer. I think this information will be especially helpful for those who are new to lighting in 3D applications or just want to push their lighting to the next level. 

Videos Included:

1-Blender LIghts Overview (6:50)

2-Thoughts on Lighting and Daylight Setup (16:12)

3-Fluorescent Setup (4:56)

4-Night Lamp Setup (4:20)

5-Silhouette and Spotlight Setup (3:29)

6-Computer Light Setup (4:14)

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1 - Blender Lights Overview
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2 - Thoughts on Lighting and Daylight Setup
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3 - Fluorescent Setup
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4 - Night Lamp Setup
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5 - Silhouette and Spotlight Setup
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6 - Computer Light Setup
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