A Hind D? - Metal Gear Solid Remake - Fan Concepts

A continuation of my fan illustrations for a Metal Gear Solid remake. I took some liberties with the design of the Shadow Moses helipad in order to give this scene more of a film look. The game's original helipad is quite small and sports solid fencing around its entire perimeter, which (I'm guessing) was included to aid the sneaking mechanics--I'm not sure a real helipad would have such a design.

Blender + Marvelous Designer + Photoshop.

I downloaded the base mesh for the Hind helicopter and the Scar rifle from the Google warehouse and Turbosquid, respectively. I modeled several missing pieces for the Hind and textured it myself. I also added the scope to the rifle. Some of the snow mounds are Megascans assets. That's the extent of what I didn't create from scratch.

For the falling snow, I tried something new (for me). I simulated a snow flurry in the Blender scene and rendered the particles with motion blur. Normally, I would've overlayed snow particles in Photoshop, but I wanted to give this a shot.